Engineering Internship

An internship is an opportunity to learn more about a career while gaining meaningful on-the-job experience. Not only will you get an insider’s view of what it is like to work in the field, but you will also be in a position to make valuable connections and gain references for future work.

Electrical Engineering

This session will present an overview of the electrical engineering discipline and will allow Explorers to conduct a short, fun experiment that is related to electrical engineering.

Civil Engineering

This session will present participants with an overview of the civil engineering discipline as well as the opportunity to conduct a short, fun experiment that is related to civil engineering.

Industrial Engineering

If you find yourself searching for better ways to do things, you’re thinking like an industrial engineer. Industrial engineers use their knowledge of science, mathematics, and engineering—along with design, computer science, operations management, and other disciplines—to design systems that are simpler, higher quality, a better value, safer, and more efficient.

Chemical Engineering

Have you ever wondered what was in your laundry detergent or how the fabric of your athletic shirt was made? Or who designs batteries to be used in space? Those are just a few examples of items that were probably impacted by chemical engineers. Chemical engineers solve problems to create products that people depend on every day and to improve the products and processes of tomorrow. And they do it by applying knowledge of disciplines from physics, chemistry, and mathematics to microbiology, biochemistry, and economics.

General Engineering

Engineers work to solve the difficult problems that face our society. Whether it’s building a bridge to cross a river, creating a new machine to manufacture cars, or fitting a huge amount of technology into a smartphone, an engineer’s work can leave a lasting impact on society.