November 6, 2018 Peter Tonon

2019 National Exploring Leadership Conference

The National Exploring Leadership Conference will be held July 9-12, 2019 at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Explorers, council professionals and volunteers are invited!

Professionals and volunteers will benefit greatly by attending this conference, as it will help develop potential membership growth areas for career fields that are relevant for each council. The council will be able to share their best practices and help develop solutions with other council, area, and regional leaders. We encourage all councils to take advantage of this great opportunity and help create ways to generate innovative ideas for their yearly membership goals. It will also offer programmatic and networking opportunities that will last for years to come.

Explorers that serve in any form of a leadership role are also invited to attend the conference. This conference invites these Exploring youth leaders to fine tune their leadership skills and set the future course in their career field interest.

We recommend that councils designate one professional and one volunteer to attend the conference, along with multiple Exploring youth leaders within your post.

The following council roles will be invited to the conference:

• Learning for Life National Board
• National, Regional, and Area Exploring Chairman
• Council Exploring Chairman
• Exploring Professionals
• Explorers who have leadership roles in their post

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!  Conference registration is $375.00 per person plus travel expenses. Registration fees include housing, meals, and programmatic costs during the conference dates. Travel expenses are not included in the registration fees.

CLICK HERE for the 2019 NELC Guidebook

If you have inquiries or would like more information about the 2019 National Exploring Leadership Conference, please contact Exploring Director Carlos Coronado at (972) 580-7858.