2018 National Fire & EMS Exploring Conference Back

National Fire & EMS Exploring Conference

BACKGROUND: Explorers and advisors from across the country will come together for a week of team and individual competitions, seminars, demonstrations, exhibits, recreation and fun.

TEAM COMPETITIONS: CPR & AED, Spinal Immobilization & movement, Haz-Mat Recognition & Identification, Personal protective clothing & SCBA Relay, FF Search & Rescue, Make & Break, Firefighter combat challenge, and Taking a Hydrant (Team relay).

INDIVIDUAL COMPETITIONS: One-Person CPR, Candidate Physical Ability Test (Modified CPAT), Written Examination (Entry level), Incident Management on-line classes/Test (IMS 100 & 700), Wildland fire shelter deployment, PPE & SCBA time (2-min drill), Taking a Hydrant, and Knot Tying.

DATE: 2018 postponed to 2020

Why is the conference postponed to 2020?

Wondering about the 2018 National Fire & EMS Exploring Conference? Our National Fire & EMS committee is taking a deep dive into redesigning and overhauling the event. The goal is to enhance the total experience for those who attend and make it worth the money to travel long distances and participate in a week-long event.

We have also had significantly less than 100 Explorers attend the last couple of conferences. Low attendance makes it hard to justify the resources and expenses required to facilitate an event like this.


We are not quitting, only postponing. The 2020 conference will be the best one yet! The National Fire & EMS Exploring Committee will design the next conference based on your feedback. The goal is to deliver an event that leaves a positive and long-lasting impact on those who attend.

What are your suggestions?

The National Fire & EMS Exploring Committee wants to hear from you! Email your thoughts to exploring@lflmail.org.

What can we improve in 2020?

What should we offer at the event that would make the trip and expense worthwhile?

Would Explorers attend a leadership training? Or other seminars?

What can we do to enhance the advisors' experience?


  • Include competitions focused on EMS, not just fire
  • Make this event a culmination of state and regional competitions

NOTE: These are only suggestions, not guarantees.