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iTech Exploring develops the entrepreneurial spirit in young men and women (10-20 years) through participation in an Innovation Design Challenge. Through the Innovation Design Challenge Explorers will apply their newly gained technology skills and innovative mindset to a team-based project that solves a local, national or global issue. Explorers not only learn how industry-specific technology works, but also develop an innovative mindset that will carry them through ever-changing technology as they progress through their own careers. From 6th grade through college, schools provide an avenue for their students to participate in iTech Exploring and boost their student participation in unique, quality activities. Local councils have the opportunity to expand their reach in the community, develop new relationships and provide new 21st century learning experiences to its youth. Foundations, individuals and trusts, with an interest in developing young entrepreneurs, will invest in the vision of iTech Exploring.


• Conflict Resolution
• Decision Making
• Democratic Process
• Ethics
• Global Thinking
• Ideation
• Innovative Thinking
• Leadership
• Project Management
• Project-Based Learning
• Public Speaking
• Responsibility
• Self-Awareness
• Setting Priorities
• Setting SMART Goals
• Teamwork
• Time Management

iTech Explorers will be prepared to meet the demands of today and tomorrow with integrity, leadership, and innovation!

There are many benefits from participating in iTech Exploring, including:

• Gain leadership experience through project management
• Develop skills in critical thinking, teamwork, public speaking, and time management
• Understand the engineering design process
• Learn how technology can be used to bring about positive change in the world
• Learn about educational pathways and potential careers available in innovation

When do meetings take place?

iTech Exploring posts and clubs typically meet three times a month during the school year. Most programs parallel the school calendar and begin in the fall. There are a number of programs that start at other times during the year to meet the needs of the participating organization and participants. Programs are flexible enough to fit in with other extra-curricular activities.

How to Get Started

The iTech Exploring program is a pilot program available in select areas of the United States. More locations will be added in the future as the program grows. The following locations are participating in the iTech Exploring program in 2018-2019:

• Austin, TX
• San Diego, CA
• Texarkana, TX
• Grand Rapids, MI

To inquire about participating in the iTech Exploring program, contact the National Exploring office at or  (972) 580-2433.