Below, you’ll find a compilation of all Exploring’s best sales resources, from brochures to pitch suggestions. Familiarize yourself with how to use them, and you’ll have a big leg up on all your upcoming sales calls!

Sales Overview (PPT)

Whether you’re meeting with a member of the school board, a business owner, or someone from the local police department, the Sales Overview presentation will help you showcase all the advantages of the Exploring program.


Sales Kit

A 12-page, full color booklet with a pocket folder inside the back cover. Sales kits can also be ordered by councils from BSA National Supply at no cost to the council. *Insert fact sheets in the back cover folder pocket

*Insert fact sheets in the back cover folder pocket


New Unit Playbook

An online, interactive description of the four phases of starting a new Exploring program. The perfect snapshot of the start-up process to share during a sales presentation. Or download the one-page overview below.