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NLEEC Experience July 13-17, 2020








NLEECX - COVID 19 Update - May 5, 2020

UPDATED MAY 5, 2020 from the National Law Enforcement Exploring Committee and the National Learning for Life Executive Board: As you know, we have continued to follow the progression of COVID-19 as it relates to the 2020 NLEEC Experience.  In the best interest for safety for all, the National Law Enforcement Exploring Committee along with the National Learning for Life Executive Board has decided to cancel the conference in July.  PLEASE CLICK HERE for the communication from Paul Vanderplow, National Law Enforcement Exploring Events Chair.   We are thankful for your continued support during this time.


The National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference Planning Committee is excited to announce that the “2020 NLEEC Experience” will be held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve located in Glen Jean, West Virginia.  This is going to be an outstanding location as we lead the charge in creating an unbelievable atmosphere that is unique and a fun experience for our Explorers.

The Summit Bechtel Reserve is going to create opportunities that will enable Explorers to enjoy many of the historical conference traditions alongside the capacity to add new experiences and build new traditions. While we incorporate those historical traditions of week-long competitions, seminars, and exhibits, the “EXPERIENCE” will offer a new high adventure dimension to the NLEEC experience.

Check out the 2020 NLEEC Xperience_FAQ's

Continue to check back for updates and more details on registration, scheduling, and additional site highlights!!


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW through June 30, 2020
$200 Non-Refundable Post Deposit
$450 *Registration Fee per Advisor and per Explorer
*Registration fees include meals, housing, full access to conference scheduling & the Summit Experience

*Final payments are due no later than June 30, 2020. If paying by check, please make payment payable to Learning for Life and send to ATTN: 2020 NLEEC Experience, Learning for Life, 1325 W. Walnut Hill Lane, Irving, TX 75038

Register by April 30, 2020 11:59 PM (CST)
Receive a limited-edition Law Enforcement Exploring patch (per individual) for fully paid post reservation and registration fees.

*This incentive is available to all law enforcement Exploring posts that pays in full their $200.00 non-refundable post deposit as well as each of their $450.00 registration fees per Advisor and Explorers they have on their registration roster as of the early bird registration deadline of April 30, 2020. Payments may be made online or via mail. If paying by check, please make payment payable to Learning for Life and send to ATTN: 2020 NLEEC Experience, Learning for Life, 1325 W. Walnut Hill Lane, Irving, TX 75038

Sunday, July 12, 2020
*Early arrival meals & housing will be available at no additional cost on Sunday, July 12, 2020


APR 1, 2020 Online Scheduling Opens
MAY 1, 2020 National Youth Rep & Distinguished Advisor Nominations Due
JUNE 30, 2020 Online Registration & Scheduling Closes
JULY 12, 2020 Early Arrival & Conference Check-In
JULY 13, 2020 Regular Arrival, First Day of Conference
JULY 17, 2020 Last Day of Conference
JULY 18, 2020 Conference/Housing Check-Out


Onsite registration will be held at the J.W. and Hazel Ruby West Virginia Welcome Center.

J.W. and Hazel Ruby West Virginia Welcome Center
55 Hazel Ruby Lane
Mount Hope, WV 25880


2020 NLEEC Xperience FAQs

What are the dates for the 2020 NLEEC Xperience?
The 2020 NLEEC Xperience will be held July 13 – 17, 2020. Conference check-in will be held on Monday, July 13 th from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST. Early arrival will be available on Sunday, July 12th from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, at no additional charge. Check-out is Saturday, July 18th by noon.

What are the 2020 NLEEC Xperience registration dates?
CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE NOW through June 30, 2020 at 11:59

What are the fees associated with the 2020 NLEEC Xperience?
There is a $200 non-refundable post deposit, as well as $450 registration fee per Advisor and Explorer (new lower fee). Registration fees include meals, housing, full access to the
conference program and scheduling, as well as the all new Summit Xperience. *Early-bird registration incentive for posts will be offered to those posts that register
by April 30, 2020. This year each Explorer and adult will receive a limited edition inaugural 2020 NLEEC Xperience patch.

What are the accommodations for the week?
This is not your traditional “camping” experience that will require you to prepare for food, etc. All meals will be provided in an indoor air-conditioned facility. Housing accommodations will consist of spacious double occupancy cabin style wall tents
complete with flooring. There will also be bunk beds provided in each tent. Showers and restrooms are in each base camp with accommodations for youth and adults.

Are there air-conditioned areas available for the week?
Yes! There will be plenty of places for conference participants to cool down throughout the day. This includes two air-conditioned dining halls, cop shop, lounges, seminars, and other program areas. In addition, there will be a dedicated air-conditioned “Advisors only” lounge.

Will the adult Explorers and Advisors use the same restroom/shower facilities, or will there be separate facility areas available?
The Summit has a large quantity of restroom/shower facilities.  This location is set up to conform with the most stringent Youth Protection protocols.  Facilities will be clearly marked and available with minimal (if any) conflicts of availability.

Will there be electrical service available within the tent villages for CPAP and other medical items?
If a health care provider has prescribed a CPAP/BiPAP device for you, it should be used at the conference. These machines are acceptable at the conference if battery powered. From a health standpoint, it is inadvisable to do without your CPAP/BiPAP machine. In rare cases, there may be an acceptable power supply within your sleeping base.

How should we secure duty weapons and other sensitive items?  Historically, law enforcement posts will utilize hard sided travel cases (i.e. Pelican Cases) to secure these items. The NLEEC committee strongly recommends the use of hard sided and lockable cases to secure these sensitive items.

Will linen packages be provided as in the past (towels, bedding sets)?
Bedding and towels will NOT be provided by the Summit or Learning for Life. A suggested packing list for the 2020 NLEEC Xperience will be provided in the guidebook.

What are the closest airports and/or additional means of transportation to the Summit Bechtel Reserve?
The J.W. and Hazel Ruby West Virginia Welcome Center can be accessed by car, bus, and AMTRAK train.  There are several airports within an approximate 300-mile drive to/from the welcome center. 


64 miles - Charleston, West Virginia - Yeager Airport (CRW)

174 miles - Lewisburg, West Virginia - Greenbrier Valley (LWB)

210 miles - Charlotte, North Carolina - Charlotte/Douglas I (CLT)

227 Miles - miles Columbus, Ohio - Port Columbus International (CMH)

276 Miles - miles Richmond, Virginia - Richmond International Airport (RIC)

291 Miles - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh International (PIT)

300 Miles - Dulles, Virginia - Washington Dulles International (IAD)

309 Miles - Arlington, Virginia - Ronald Reagan Washington (DCA)

Where will the opening/closing shows be held for the 2020 NLEEC Xperience and what is the attire?
The opening show will be held within the Summit Bechtel Reserve and will be designed to energize and inspire our Explorers and Advisors while allowing time for fun activities. The opening show attire will be casual or Class B clothing. The closing show will be held at the Beckley Raleigh County Convention Center in Beckley, WV (less than 10 miles from the Summit). Transportation to and from the closing show will be provided to conference participants that do not have transportation available. The closing show will be Class A official uniforms.

Is there Wi-Fi available on the property?
Yes, there are several AT&T Wi-Fi antennas on the property with superior coverage.

What high-adventure activities will be offered at the 2020 NLEEC Xperience? Will there be an additional cost to Exploring posts for the “Xperience” activities?
Along with all the NLEEC law enforcement competitions and activities offered in the past, we will also be offering the following “Xperience” for Exploring posts at no extra cost. The conference registration fee per participant is $450.00 and is all inclusive of the “Xperience” activities available. This is one of the advantages of the NLEEC Xperience. Explorers will receive a lot of extra program activities that could not be offered at any
other location.

The “Xperience” activities include, just to name a few:
Mountain Biking
BMX Track – Only track in the area!
Laser shot training facilities
Skateboard Park
Rock Climbing & Rappelling
Lake Kayaking & Paddleboards
Outdoor Shooting Sports (unbelievable facilities)

A complete list of competitions and activities will be provided in the guidebook.

Is there a police/security force at the Summit and how are any issues going to be handled?
The Summit Bechtel Reserve has contract security staff that is focused on the property’s parameter as well its access gates.  As always, the expectation for each Advisor is to maintain watch over their respective Exploring posts. Should there be any type of incident, the NLEEC Director and staff will immediately deal with issues as they arise.

Will there be a Jump Club this year?
Yes, there will be a Jump Club that will be held in the evening, as in the past. The NLEEC Committee will also offer additional activities in the evening as well. The plan is to make the evenings and free time a fun-filled action-packed environment.

Has the Summit staff been made aware of Exploring posts wearing simulated duty gear, as well as Advisors wearing their duty weapons?
The Summit is fully aware of conference attendees and the law enforcement gear that will be worn and fully displayed during the conference while on site. The Summit staff offers
no issues with this.

Will there be any other events/groups onsite at the Summit during the week of the 2020 NLEEC Xperience?
There are no other groups scheduled to be on property during the 2020 NLEEC Xperience.

Are there laundry facilities accessible during the conference?
Limited coin operated laundry facilities are located on the Summit property. Other laundry facilities are located off site in the nearby cities of Beckley and Oak Hill, WV. It is suggested that you plan to pack enough clothes for the duration of your trip.

Can Campers/RV’s be driven onto the property and used for housing?
Campers/RV’s are allowed on the property during the 2020 NLEEC Xperience.  More detailed RV parking information will be provided very soon.

Due to the conference being held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, will Exploring leaders and/or youth need to take any additional trainings?
All adults that will be on site for the week of the 2020 NLEEC Xperience will need to have current Youth Protection training (this includes Exploring Participants “EP” that are 18-20 years old). Prior to the week of the conference there will be an introductory orientation to help ensure that you and your post are prepared. Upon your arrival to the welcome center/onsite registration, there will be a special NLEEC Xperience orientation
which will help navigate the Summit and assure that your post is ready for the adventure!

What forms will be required from Advisors & Explorers prior to conference arrival?
As in the past, each Advisor and Explorer will be required to complete the Medical Form Part A, B, & C as well as the Summit Bechtel Reserve wavier form. Both forms may be submitted online through the conference registration system. All forms will be reviewed for pre-approval.

Will Explorers and Advisors be held to the BMI requirements, such as that being used at Philmont/High Adventure?
During the week of the 2020 NLEEC Xperience, conference participants will not have BMI standard requirements/expectations. However, every participant may receive a medical follow-up/recheck by onsite medical staff upon their arrival to the Summit. Due to safety reasons, some activities may be regulated by weight & other restrictions.

Will Explorers be required to take a swim test to participate in any water-based activities? If so, what does the test consist of?
Yes, swim test may be required along with the use of the buddy system. More information for Explorers and adults to complete these requirements will be offered prior to conference arrival. In addition, we will have limited availability to conduct the swim test onsite for those unable to complete ahead of time. Information will be provided within the conference guidebook.

What is the Dress Code for the week?
We recommend you follow a Class B uniform during the week for competitions and activities. You will be required to wear Class A uniforms for the closing show.

Will there be any additional fun activities added for the Advisors to have an “Xperience”?
Yes!! The 2020 NLEEC staff is in the process of developing some Advisor interactive games and competitions. Some of these activities may include a pistol and/or shotgun competition, fishing tournament, an Advisors-only mountain top entertainment experience, and caveman golf. In addition, Advisors will be able to participate in the “Xperience” activities as well.

Do Exploring posts need to stay on the Summit property during the week, or can they stay at a nearby hotel?
In order to have the best experience, it is strongly recommended for the posts to stay onsite. If your post chooses an off-site lodging option, you must take into consideration that the nearest lodging is 20+ minutes away. In addition, it will take an additional 15 minutes once on site at the Summit Bechtel Reserve entrance to arrive at the conference program areas. The post will be solely responsible for any off-site lodging arrangements, reservations, and all paid expenses incurred offsite. 2020 NLEEC discounts on post reservations and conference fees will not be offered for staying at an off-site location. Due to the added “Xperience” activities, Explorers and Advisors will have a better overall experience by staying onsite at the Summit. Before making a final decision to stay offsite, please refer to information that was gathered through our “Taste of the Summit” trial experience.

Local hotel options (please contact locations directly for property information):
Hampton Inn Beckley - (304) 252-2121
Comfort Inn New River - (304) 574-8096
Quality Inn - (304) 255-1511
Courtyard Marriott - (304) 252-9800
Holiday Inn Express Beckley - (304) 252-2250
Fairfield Inn Beckley - (304) 252-8661
Holiday Lodge Oak Hill – (304) 465-0571



National Exploring Office: 972-580-2433

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