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1.Activity name

2.Submitted by / creative credit

3.Career field categories

  • Check all of the Exploring career fields that apply.

  • Check all of the DOE career clusters that apply.

4.Soft Skills and Career Competencies

  • Please note the soft skills that will be addressed during the activity.

  • Please note the career competencies that will be addressed during the activity.

5.Learning Objectives

  • What skills or knowledge will be gained?. List at least two.


  • Quantity, size, description?

7.Age appropriateness

  • Check all that apply.


9.Safety Concerns

10.Reflection questions

  • Please provide at least two.

11.Activity instructions

  • Provide step by step, specific activity instructions.

12.Tips for facilitation


  • Please attach pictures of the activity, worksheets or other resources.