iTech Innovation Reflection

Explorers will reflect on their Innovation Design Challenge and their experiences.
• Exploring Posts (14-20 years old)
• Exploring Clubs (10-14 years old)
NOTE: This activity should be facilitated AFTER the completion of the Innovation Design Challenge event.


By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe their experience during their Innovation Design Challenge
  • Identify and examine successes and challenges during their experience
  • Reflect on their Innovation Design Challenge project and their IDC Event
  • Apply their learnings to real world situations
  • Understand the next steps in their Exploring journey


  • Flip chart paper or markerboard & markers
  • Continuing the Career Pathway Handout (use as a reference)
  • Youth Last Day Survey (one per student)
  • Leader Last Day Survey (one per leader)

Leader Note:

Text in italics should be read aloud to participants. As you engage your Exploring unit (club or post) in activities each week, please include comments, discussions, and feedback to the group relating to Character, Leadership, and Ethics. These are important attributes that make a difference in the success of youth in the workplace and in life.