In this session, participants will learn about the global workplace, including the growth of international trade and commerce, the increased use of technology, the employment of Americans in the United States by foreign-owned companies, and the consignment by American companies of work done out of the country.


  • Business
  • College and Career Prep


By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of international trade on prospective career choices.
  • Explain how research into global markets can influence career choices.


  • Global Workplace Review and Discussion activity sheet—make a copy for each participant
  • My Place in the Future Global Workplace activity sheet—make a copy for each participant
  • Computers or smartphones with internet access
  • Pen or pencil for each participant


Text in italics should be read aloud to participants. As you engage your post in activities each week, please include comments, discussions, and feedback to the group relating to Character, Leadership, and Ethics. These are important attributes that make a difference in the success of youth in the workplace and in life.

Activity 1

Global Workplace Review and Discussion

Give each Explorer a copy of the Global Workplace Review and Discussion activity sheet. Divide participants into groups of two or three, and have the small groups review and discuss the issues on the sheet. Then ask for volunteers to share their small group’s ideas with the larger group.


If Explorers do not know the origin of a specific product or the ownership of a particular company, as asked for in the first item on the activity sheet, have them research this product or company on the internet. Consumer research of this kind can be an eye-opener.


For the second item about international commerce, the groups may also want to consider how the events of September 11, 2001, have affected global trade and tourism.


In your discussion of item five, encourage Explorers to think about possible economic, social, political, and environmental implications of the fact that increasing numbers of American companies consign work overseas to poorly paid workers in countries without environmental protection laws. How might this practice affect the Explorers and your community, as well as other parts of the world? You may want to mention the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the World Trade Organization and their effects on the global workplace.

Activity 2

My Place in the Future Global Workplace

Give each Explorer a copy of the My Place in the Future Global Workplace activity sheet. Have participants research global markets and economies on the internet by exploring some of the following websites (or others):


Explorers should use their research notes to help them answer the questions on the activity sheet and to use as a resource for a group discussion.


Help Explorers understand “skills” in the first question on the activity sheet broadly—general skills, technical skills, transferable skills, interpersonal skills, linguistic and multicultural skills, etc.


Use the questions below to carry out a reflection at the close of the session.


Some sample questions are below. They are designed to help the participants apply what they have learned to their own interests. You are welcome to use these questions or develop your own questions that relate to your post or specific focus area.


Focusing Questions

  • What did you learn as you reviewed the important ideas about the global workplace?
  • What was the most important thing you learned during your online research?

Analysis Questions

  • How did your research influence your understanding of future career choices?
  • How might you use this in your potential career?

Generalization Questions

  • How can particular events potentially change or impact the global workplace?
  • What events currently occurring could impact the global workplace?
  • How might you use this in life or in college?
  • Why is this important?
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