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ANNOUNCEMENT: Total balance due date has changed from May 16th to June 13th, the same day online registration closes.

BACKGROUND: The National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference is conducted every other year and is attended by thousands of Law Enforcement Explorers and their adult leaders from throughout the country.


The conference program provides a week of team and individual competitions, seminars, demonstrations, exhibits, recreation and fun.

DATES: July 11-16, 2016
LOCATION: Northern Arizona University – Flagstaff, AZ
COST: The conference fee is $495 per Explorer or adult, plus a non-refundable Post registration fee of $150.


TEAM COMPETITIONS: Law Enforcement Response

TEAM EVENTS: Arrest and Search, Bomb Threat Response, Burglary in Progress, Crime Prevention, Crime Scene Search, Crisis Negotiation, Domestic Crisis Intervention, Judgment Pistol Shooting: Shoot/Don’t Shoot, Officer Down: Emergency Field First Aid, Traffic Accident Investigation, Traffic Stop, White Collar Crime.

SPECIAL TEAM EVENTS: Drill Team, Non-Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (NEVOC).

INDIVIDUAL COMPETITIONS: Police Physical Fitness Test, Air Pistol Competition, Pistol (.40 caliber) Competition, Sample Police Written Exam, Bike Policing Competition. Seminars: Planned seminar themes: Bomb Investigations, Combating Terrorism in America, Executive Protection, Leadership Development, Fugitive Investigations, Gang Recognition and Identification, Hate Crimes, Narcotics Trafficking and Interdiction, Protecting our National Borders, Protect Yourself: Self-Defense, Psychological Profiling, Surveillance Methods and Technology, and other presentations. Special seminars for Advisors will also be offered.

CONFERENCE FEATURES: Dynamic opening and closing shows, exciting entertainment night, Career Fair, Exploring U.S.A., Rally Demonstration, nightly Jump Club dance, election of National Youth Representatives and retail Cop Shop.

REGISTRATION: All Law Enforcement Explorer Posts registered with Learning for Life are eligible to attend the conference. The 2016 National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference registration forms and Guidebook will be available in the summer of 2015 on the Learning for Life website (see the list of resources to the right). The guidebook contains detailed information about the conference along with an Advisor Checklist to assist with the registration process. The conference is usually a “sell-out” event and registration is on a first come, first served basis. Make plans to join us at Northern Arizona University for another incredible conference!

Download the fact sheet here.

Online Registration



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  1. Click here to log in to "phase 2" of the online registration process.
  2. Scroll down, and click "already registered" at the very bottom of the page.
  3. Enter the primary advisor email and confirmation number.
  4. If you do not remember your confirmation number, click the link on the same login page to have the number emailed to you.

QUESTIONS? Email us at law.enforcement@lflmail.org


Click here to download the 2016 NLEEC Guidebook complete with live hyperlinks and current forms.

Cynthia Garcia

National Law Enforcement Youth Representative 2014-2016

Sabrina Capriotti

Vice National Law Enforcement Youth Representative 2014-2016

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