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If you attended Top Hands this year, you already know that U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Tom Donohue has a fondness for Scouting. As someone immersed in the world of business, it’s no wonder that Donohue, who also happens to be an Eagle Scout, holds BSA’s Exploring program in high regard.

The Eagle Scout-turned business expert delivered a speech at the conference, announcing the new partnership between the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and BSA— an incredible opportunity for both Exploring and business owners around the country.

In the latest Exploring video, Donohue further encourages the partnership by naming three ways business owners can get involved in the community. We’ve summarized them for you here, but be sure to check out the video below to hear how Exploring benefits businesses, and ultimately, the economy.

Find Explorers in your community

Seek out Exploring groups in your community through your local BSA council, then get engaged by supporting Explorers through experience in your industry.

Find your local council here to get started.

Share your industry expertise

Think about which skills are important in your industry. Explorers considering your line of work could greatly benefit from hearing about your experience and seeing your work first-hand.  Through your local council, you can organize and help run an Exploring post or club based on your field.

Your professional knowledge is a valuable learning opportunity!

Encourage educational pursuit

Talk with Explorers in your field about the road to success. Youth in the Exploring program who have experienced your industry for themselves may need direction in how to pursue the best path of education.

By encouraging the education of today’s Explorers, you’ll contribute to the future talent of your industry.

Ready to help Explorers in your community make a business connection? Find your local Chamber of Commerce here to get started!

If you’re a professional who wants to help shape the next leaders in your industry, start by contacting your local BSA council here.

Have you seen any Exploring/Chamber team-ups in your neighborhood? Tell us about it in the comments!

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