December 6, 2016 Dillon Green

Brian Archimbaud – Lifetime Achievement Award


Brian Archimbaud meets the First Lady, Nancy Reagan, at an

Explorer event held at the White House

The National Law Enforcement Exploring Alumni Association honored Brian Archimbaud with a Lifetime Achievement Award in grateful recognition of his outstanding contributions and sustained support of Law Enforcement Exploring since 1967. The award was presented at the 2016 National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference held at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff in recognition of his visionary leadership, dedication and commitment to the program.

While serving as the first National Director of Law Enforcement Exploring, Brian initiated DOJ grant funding, grew youth participation from 24,000 to 36,000, recruited an Executive Committee starting with IACP President Rick Clement and formed standards, adopting the LEE logo and increasing Explorer Scholarships. Most of the program elements for Law Enforcement Exploring we enjoy today such as the Proficiency Awards Program, Ride-Along Certification and Pistol Shooting Qualification were developed while Brian was the National Director of Law Enforcement Exploring.

Beginning in 1976 and inspired by successful regional Explorer conferences, Brian along with his Explorer Youth Representative, created our bi-annual National Explorer Conference in 1979 at Michigan State University.  Soon to follow he created the bi-annual National Law Enforcement Explorer Academies.

Later, Brian became Director of Exploring in Greater NY Councils working with then Deputy NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly to establish first NYPD Explorer Post – 44th Precinct, Bronx. Subsequently, he served as Executive Director of Spaceweek International Association, VP of Financial Development of YMCA, and rejoined Scouting as Director of Development for the Sam Houston Area Council raising $35.5 million to build the Cockrell Scout Service Center and the Bovay Scout Ranch and later for Capital Area Council raising $13.1M and supervising construction of the Fickett Scout Center.

Brian’s Scouting began as a youth, later serving as a Scoutmaster and in 1966 he became a scouting professional where in 1967 he organized his first Law Enforcement Exploring Post with Orange PD of Orange NJ.  Later became Exploring Executive growing Exploring from 350 to 2,600 youth including 9 Law Enforcement Posts.

Brian is currently a Board member of the National Law Enforcement Exploring Alumni Association which is a 501c3, non-profit non-partisan educational entity established to promote and enhance Law Enforcement Exploring with its Board Members comprised of former Law Enforcement Explorers, Advisors and friends of Law Enforcement Exploring.

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