May 28, 2016 Dillon Green



Chief of Police (retired) Veid Muiznieks, with his trademark handlebar mustache, vibrant personality and dedication to service, has been a dynamic force of nature in the law enforcement arena, the National Law Enforcement Exploring Program, Scouting, his community and the State of Minnesota for decades.  His larger than life presence and high energy ensure that anyone who meets him never forgets him.  Chief Muiznieks was honored for his service to Scouting and Law Enforcement Exploring at the recent 2016 annual meeting of the Boy Scouts of America where he was presented the prestigious Silver Antelope Award.

The Silver Antelope Award, created in 1942, is presented to individuals of exceptional character who have provided distinguished service to Scouting and/or Exploring at the regional level.  Although a majority of Chief Muizneik’s volunteer service is conducted at the national level for Law Enforcement Exploring, he has provided significant support and leadership to his region through traditional Scouting activities.

Chief Muiznieks has served Law Enforcement Exploring with distinction for more than 25 years.   He has been a Post Advisor, a member of the National Law Enforcement Exploring Committee since 2004, served as the Lead Advisor for 14 National Law Enforcement Exploring Leadership Academies, served on staff for numerous National Law Enforcement Exploring Conferences and created the Law Enforcement Exploring Physical Fitness Proficiency Award as well as the Law Enforcement Exploring Special Recognition Awards Program.  Chief Muiznieks was recognized as Law Enforcement Explorer Advisor of the Year during his service as a Post Advisor and has been the recipient of many other honors and awards.

Following his retirement in 2009 after 34 years of service as a law enforcement officer, Chief Muiznieks remained active with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) as well as the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association.  He is the Chairperson for the IACP Retired Chiefs of Police Section and serves in the same capacity for the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association.  Additionally, he is a Sergeant at Arms for IACP General Assembly meetings and other events.

In addition to his involvement with the IACP and extensive service to Law Enforcement Exploring, Chief Muiznieks is an amateur boxing volunteer.  He is an avid boxing enthusiast and was a Golden Gloves boxer as a youth.  Currently, he serves on the Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Boxing Board of Directors and is the St. Paul (MN) Region II Golden Gloves Boxing Director.  He is a U.S.A. Boxing certified Referee, Judge, Clerk, and Timekeeper.  He frequently serves as a Judge and Referee at local, regional and national level boxing events.   Chief Muiznieks also serves as a Commissioner for the Minnesota Combative Sports Council.Congratulations to Chief Muiznieks along with

Congratulations to Chief Muiznieks along with the deep appreciation for his continued support of Law Enforcement Exploring!

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