August 25, 2016 Will Aquino

DEA Advisor and Youth Member Share How Exploring Shaped Their Futures

Despite coming from different backgrounds and facing unique challenges of their own, two individuals from DEA Exploring Post 9910 say it’s Exploring that turned their obstacles into opportunities and opened their eyes to a better tomorrow. Exploring helped guide two teens on a path toward success, confidence, and trust and now they are sharing the many ways their life improved after joining the law enforcement program.

Jarius is a law enforcement Exploring advisor who says Exploring helped him turn his back on the gangs, drugs, and violence that plagued his neighborhood growing up in the Bronx of New York City. Adrianna is an Explorer in his post who remembers being bullied and lacking self-confidence before joining Exploring. Jarius’ positive experience in Exploring inspired him to become an advisor and mentor youth like Adrianna who have a desire to succeed, but just need a little guidance on their journey.

Exploring offers young adults an opportunity to immerse themselves in real-world scenarios that prepare them for a future in a field of interest. For Darius and Adrianna, Exploring not only introduced them to careers in the DEA, it also established a support system built on trust and service to others. Watch Adrianna and Jarius’ testimonial videos below and let us know how Exploring has made a difference to you or someone you know in the comments.


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