March 13, 2018 Peter Tonon

Learning for Life and Exploring invites you to Philmont Training Center!

Learning for Life and Exploring invites you to Philmont Training Center!

WHAT:     Experience Exploring in the beautiful wilderness of Philmont Scout Reservation by participating in one of two courses that will prepare you to lead growth in Exploring within your council or district! In both courses, volunteers and professionals will also complete requirements for the Exploring Certification and learn how to utilize Exploring to boost Journey to Excellence Scores! Did you know that Exploring affects 10 different measurements on the Council JTE Scorecard, and 10 different measurements on the Traditional District JTE Scorecard?

Exploring Certification is a 3-part course that requires the completion of pre-course work, classroom instruction, and post-course activities. Participants will take part in role plays, hands-on activities, and case studies.

WHEN:     July 8-14 “Exploring Explosion: How to Ignite Growth in Your Council Through Exploring”– In addition to the Exploring Certification, this course will focus on the main keys of success for Exploring programs, which include: funding, leadership, prospecting, program, and participation, through fun and interactive learning objectives. This exciting course will prepare you to become the spark that ignites growth in your council!

July 22-28 “Exploring: Become the ‘Game Changer’ for Your Council”– In addition to the Exploring Certification, you will learn the ins and outs of Exploring, while also participating in an exciting open house, organizational sales call, cultivation event, as well as outdoor activities. This will help you return to your council energized and equipped with the knowledge to grow and support an exciting Exploring program in your council.

WHERE:     Philmont Training Center Cimarron, New Mexico

WHY:     Exploring is an amazing program that will help your council grow and become an asset to your community! There is not a better place to learn about this awesome program than the largest, most amazing youth camp in the world!

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2018 Exploring Philmont Training Flier

*The Philmont Training Center offers a full, organized program for every member of the family—from infants to spouses. Family members will be joined by others in their age group and will participate in a carefully designed age and ability-specific program under the leadership of trained, experienced staff. Groups will get to enjoy hiking, tours, handicrafts, games, campfires, and outdoor activities.