February 14, 2018 Peter Tonon

Supplement Your Exploring Program with Tools from the Activity Library

Picture this! You and your Exploring post or club President are planning your next meeting and you hit a brick wall…you can’t come up with an activity or topic that will bring some excitement and value to the meeting. It can be frustrating and you certainly don’t want to have meetings that aren’t exciting!

Check out the Activity Library at www.exploring.org/activity-library! The Activity Library is one of the tools that has been developed to ensure that your meetings and activities are never dull. When you visit the Activity Library, you will find over 100 activities sorted by career fields and life skills. This library provides all the information needed to add activities to your meetings including the objective of the activity, supplies needed, advisor tips, reflection questions to use after the activity, and tips for evaluating the activity with the youth officers. The Activity Library includes activities covering many different fields from building gliders to learning about vehicle electrical systems, as well as life skills such as dealing with difficult co-workers and being a team leader. The Activity Library is an excellent resource to keep your program vibrant and can also be a great resource for traditional Scouting programs as well!

In addition to providing ideas for your next post or club meeting, this is an awesome resource for continued growth. We invite you to submit activities that have been successful with your post or club so we can add them to the library. Exploring programs throughout the BSA can benefit from your awesome program! To submit an activity to the library, visit www.exploring.org/suggest-an-activity.