Businesses & Organization FAQs

Q: What is the liability insurance coverage for my organization?
A:  Participating organizations are covered with primary general liability insurance. This liability policy is primary for a participating organization except on automobiles or watercraft owned or used by the participating organization. Then the general liability policy provides excess coverage. A participating organization is defined as its board of directors and/or trustees, its officers and employees, in their official and individual capacity.


If an Exploring volunteer is an employee of the participating organization, he or she is provided with primary liability coverage as long as Learning for Life guidelines are followed. A non employee (volunteer, parent, etc) is provided with excess coverage. Most Explorer Advisors and Sponsors are employees of the participating partner; therefore they have primary liability coverage. It covers the organization and its employees (it does not cover the youth in an Explorer post or club).


Q:  Will my participants have any medical insurance coverage?
A:  Many local Exploring councils provide accident and sickness insurance to their youth members by collecting a small fee each year, and sometimes no fee at all. Contact your local council to see if this service is provided. If not, a policy can be obtained through your council office at a nominal cost.


Q:  Do all registered Exploring adults have to take the youth protection training?
A:  Yes.


Q:  What’s the minimum number of youth a post or club must have?
A:  Five

Youth Participant FAQs


Q:  Can an explorer join more than one post or club?
A:  Yes, an explorer can join more than one post without having to pay the National Exploring participation fee twice or more.


Q: How much does Exploring cost?
A: The annual registration fee is $42. Some local councils collect a nominal fee for accident and sickness coverage. And some posts and clubs collect an additional program fee to subsidize the cost of uniforms, gear or equipment.


Q: Are there scholarships available?
A: Yes. Click here to see the complete list.