National Youth Reps Back

Tyler Schutt

My name is Tyler Schutt, I'm an Explorer Cadet Sergeant with Post 2950 sponsored by the Lansing Police Department. During my term of office, I hope to do many things. Overall I would like to increase the use of social media to aid with communication. I hope to implement a page and a direct message for the National Law Enforcement Exploring Committee, where posts can bring their questions, comments, and concerns and receive a reply in a timely manner. I would also like to create a page where Law Enforcement Explorers can talk in a safe and secure environment. This page would also publish information and dates for Explorer events and leadership academies.

I would also like to make the IACP's training standards easier to obtain for posts. These training standards would level out the competitions during conferences, so that new posts would have the same opportunity of winning as an older post. This would then serve as the nationalized standard of training for future conferences. I plan on continuing the regional representative program to help communication from the national committee down to the posts.

Law Enforcement Exploring has provided so many opportunities for me to explore what Law Enforcement is all about and to learn about its inner workings. It has given me the opportunity to help out my community while learning what it is like to be a police officer. Law Enforcement Exploring has given me new relationships with my fellow explorers and officers in my supporting department. Exploring has put me in positions where my knowledge has been pushed and has allowed me to get a first had experience of the world of a police officer. Exploring has made me a more rounded person and has provided me with life changing experiences.

Leah Barton

My name is Leah Barton, I'm sponsored by the Cobb County Police Department, Post #5 and I am your Vice National Youth Representative. Law Enforcement Exploring means everything to me. Being a part of this program has given me friendships, experience, and leadership skills. From Advisors to fellow Explorers, I was immediately welcomed by everybody. The bond between the Explorers in the program encouraged me to grow. I have always been interested in pursuing Law Enforcement as a career. Explorers has given me insight into the profession. These experiences have only strengthened this passion. Along with that, these experiences have given me the confidence to take on any leadership opportunity that I may encounter.

I have many goals I wish to achieve during the course of my term. One of those goals is to market Law Enforcement Exploring. Explorers is an amazing program and I believe that if we get the word out, we could encourage more people to get involved. Nowadays we have so much social media that it impacts our lives every day. I want to use it to our advantage so we can stay in touch with each other. This allows everybody's voice to be heard and makes us grow as a whole. I look forward to working with everyone for the course of my term and making this the best next two years. Let's get out there!